The Howe Roadster, 1884

This Howe Roadster, made by The Howe Machine Co. in Glasgow, is a bit different from the Howe we normally see.

Differences are the locknut spokes and especially the handlebars, that are clearly detachable with a cotter pin that reminds me of the Covertry Machinists patent. An important difference is the rear fork, which is made of hollow tube, while most of the (later?)  Howes have semi hollow rear forks. This fork reminds of the first Howe model, pre 1884.  

I looked at the Howe catalogue of 1884 and it tells us about the then new patent saddle and the then new adjustable step.  Direct spokes were standard, locknut spokes were an option. Interesting is that customers had the choice between double row Howe ball bearings (see: older model)  and Bown's patent - like this one has, and like the later models have. The Howe patent saddle spring was the only one available in 1884.

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